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What we can do for you:

  • Find Quality Loads ( make sure the broker has a good credit score and pays within 30 days which allows factoring companies to accept them)
  • dispatch loads to your drivers
  • Take over all dispatching or helping out your dispatch
  • keep your trucks full using tri haul which will boost your rate per mile
  • send out carrier packages on your behalf to brokers requesting them
  • keep brokers updated regularly on thier loads you have on
  • send paperwork to your factoring company for fast payment
  • clear loads through customs
  • help drivers through any problems that the run into on road

Short a Dispatcher?
We’ll help out…

  • We can work together with your dispatch to get you out of a dry area
  • We are there for emergency dispatch and help you with customs clearance
  • We work with Dry vans, straight trucks and cargo vans. Other types are considered.
  • We also work with Expedite Loads
  • If We don’t make you money, we don’t make money

If there has been one benefit to the events of 2020, it’s that the definition of “essential services” has been expanded beyond the usual list of first responders.

Suddenly, dispatching companies, small trucking and freight carrier operations and even third-party logistics providers have been deemed “essential” given their role in ensuring the smooth transport of food, consumer goods and medical supplies across the country. ROLL ON DISPATCH SERVICE is a truck dispatch operation that certainly fits into that category.

What do we do at ROLL ON DISPATCH SERVICE? Simply put, we’re a team of professionals that provide you with exceptional dispatch services for owner-operators and small trucking companies. Our goal is to ensure you maximize your resources. Whether you’re a one-truck operation or managing a whole fleet, when the wheels aren’t rolling you’re not making money. ROLL ON DISPATCH SERVICE works to find you the best freight loads with the best prices. You’re busy coordinating your fleet, so you might not always have the time to know when freight loads are available. We work to find loads for box truck drivers, for FTL and LTL carriers, for heavy haul truck drivers and more. We provide independent truck dispatch services, emergency dispatch, and all the services related to ensuring your trucks are full and in compliance.

“Paper’s please.” Those are two words commonly heard from truck drivers and freight carriers involved in the international movement of goods between Canada and the U.S. We may be great trading partners, but there are documents required to ensure smooth freight shipping and hassle-free border crossing. To ensure your loads are in compliance with each country’s regulations, ROLL ON DISPATCH SERVICE can help administer the paperwork involved in customs clearance – in other words, we know our BOLs and PODs! Our experience dealing with Canada Customs, brokers, and other agents allows us to provide you with the best possible dispatch services. From dry vans, straight trucks, cargo vans and flatbed carriers, we can ensure your vehicles are contracted for regular pick ups and deliveries. More important, we can help ensure you’re working for companies that pay in timely fashion.

Working directly for small trucking companies to ensure you’re not sitting and waiting on loads at the dock, our goal is to help you get the most money for your efforts. We look for quality loads from brokers with great credit scores, and we handle the paperwork with your factoring company for quick payment. We respond to your emergency or non-emergency calls for help or simply for information, and we take care of other things related to your dispatching needs. No job is too big or too small. We exist to make your job easier. Best of all, there are no setup fees when you sign on for our service, and you can cancel any time. You only pay for the services rendered at the time you want to cancel. In the highly unlikely event we never get you a load, you never have to pay a fee.

When you’re looking for a truck dispatcher that looks after your needs before, during and after you’re on the road, look to ROLL ON DISPATCH SERVICE.

Your sucess is our success give us a call and let's chat!

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Client Testimonials

Roll on Dispatch services lets me sleep and not have to worry about missing a load.

Chis W

Just great for an owner/operator. I can drive and let Rollon take care of my loads- I highly recommend. 

Andy C

I really like the no load the no fee while helping me keep my trucks loaded, thank you Roll on!  

Anthony B